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Gratitude Journal


Celebrations of Praise: 365 Ways to Fill Each Day with Meaningful Moments

We all look forward with anticipation to the big occasions in life – holidays, birthdays, vacations, and parties. But often our most cherished memories are from much smaller moments. We may remember a shared cup of coffee, a belly laugh, or a hug years later. Those quieter moments deserve a celebration too, and this new devotional aims to inspire readers to seek them out and embrace them.

Celebrations of Praise is divided into four sections to reflect the four seasons of the year. Each season begins with a devotional and each month has its own theme. A list of 365 activities, one for each day of the month follows, encouraging things like journaling, writing letters to friends, creating new recipes, learning something new, and more. The rest of the devotional is full of beautifully illustrated scripture, gratitude checks, and space for jotting down memories.

“Every day should be a celebration,” says Diana. “And it’s in the merriments of gratitude throughout the week that make a cherished life. In these moments, we realize that blessings flow from our Creator.”

In Celebrations of Praise, you'll learn to:

  • Celebrate the smaller moments in life as gifts from God

  • Gratitude teaches us that celebrating life is an art and an attitude of the heart

  • Revel in each day of the year ahead by engaging in prayer, meditation, and journaling

  • Embrace the idea of “Dolce far niente” to better appreciate each day

  • Taking a little time each day for gratitude can make a big difference in our attitudes

Ripples: A Memoir of Reflection


"Time has taught me each life choice has a ripple effect on our lives and those we love." Diana Le'Gere - Author of Ripples: A Memoir of Reflection

Diana Le'Gere believes in the power of reflection. In Ripples, she shares memories of her past and lessons learned in retrospect to show that the more we stop and consider the events of our lives, the better we are able to see how to move forward.

She shares memories from her childhood through her twenties and beyond both humorous and painful, to show readers the ripples of her own life and how God has used those moments to shape and guide her.

By encouraging readers to do the same and reflect on their own life, she shows that if we take the time to learn from our past, it's never too late to:

  • Share our gifts and talents

  • Discover our authentic selves

  • Step outside our comfort zone

  • Trust God

  • Forgive

  • Accept God's Timing

  • Seize new opportunities

Diana invites you to step into her world as she recalls with humor and candor the scenes of her past, and how these memories have affected her journey. By incorporating Scripture, suggesting reflection questions and providing space for journaling, Ripples will take readers on a personal journey and encourage them to explore the memories of their own life.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Diana’s new book. She is an excellent writer and I could see myself dipping my toes in the lake as she did as a child. She pulls you in as each chapter tells you a story of her life. In her introduction one sentence in particular hit close to home. “Change leads to something good when you have a receptive heart.” I highly recommend this book.

Sarah Norkus, Author of Broken Together

I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up this book. It was witty and funny but had lots of insight and great teachable takeaways. It's a quick book to read that has you thinking about your own life and experiences.

Shanna Kabatznick, Author of Master the Art of Connecting

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