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Reading a Book

Every writer has the same dream.

A book YOU can hold in YOUR hand

that YOU wrote.

If you're reading this, I BET you're struggling TO finish writing.

Or maybe, you haven't started.

I get it. I've been there. For over a decade, I tried to finish my book.

Then I learned what was holding me back.

I was lacking three things: A Plan, Motivation, and Momentum.

Once I put these three things in order, everything changed.



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Diana LeGere

Author, Writing Coach & Publisher

"I learned it the hard way so you don't have to."

If you're stuck, or if you need encouragement and action plans to finish your book, join my online Christian writing community - exclusively for first-time authors.

"I will help you make a plan, motivate you, and generate the momentum you need to cross the finish line with a book in your hand."

I am an author of 4 books in multiple genres.

I have 20 years of experience as a feature writer, journalist, and copywriter. My Christian articles appear in CrossWalk, Propel Women, and Christian Parenting.

Over 10 years' experience managing all phases of publishing and editing.

10 years' experience in training and coaching.


Plus, extensive experience in managing large-scale, multifaceted design projects.

Join me for Author Coaching

Here's what you'll get:

You'll reap the benefits from LIVE ZOOM Coaching Calls & Master Classes that will give you the tools you need to write and publish your book.

You'll get a weekly accountability email from me to stay focused and motivated, and unlimited access to me via email.

Access to a Private Facebook group to connect with others who are on the same writing journey.

Handouts and tip-sheets, and feedback on your writing.

I won't ask you if you're

ready to get started.



Because it doesn't matter.

You'll never be ready.


Let's get your book out of your head and onto paper!

I'll help you brainstorm ideas, review your copy, and be your biggest cheerleader. I'm passionate about sharing stories that point people to Jesus and love helping women do the same. If you're writing a Bible study, Devotional, Journal, Memoir, Non-Fiction Christian book, or a Cookbook, this is a safe place for you.

Connect with me for a FREE 30-minute Coaching Call to find out if Faith Writer's Bridge writing community is right for you.

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