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Ripples: A Memoir of Reflection

Diana Le'Gere believes in the power of reflection. In Ripples, she shares memories of her past and lessons learned in retrospect to show that the more we stop and consider the events of our lives, the better we are able to see how to move forward.

She shares memories from her childhood through her twenties and beyond both humorous and painful, to show readers the ripples of her own life and how God has used those moments to shape and guide her.

By encouraging readers to do the same and reflect on their own life, she shows that if we take the time to learn from our past, it's never too late to:

  • Share our gifts and talents

  • Discover our authentic selves

  • Step outside our comfort zone

  • Trust God

  • Forgive

  • Accept God's Timing

  • Seize new opportunities

Diana invites you to step into her world as she recalls with humor and candor the scenes of her past, and how these memories have affected her journey. By incorporating Scripture, suggesting reflection questions and providing space for journaling, Ripples will take readers on a personal journey and encourage them to explore the memories of their own life.

What Readers are Saying:

"A wonderful find! In our busy, fast-paced world, Ripples gave me permission to slow down and reflect. I found myself responding to the questions unhurriedly and honestly because the author is so transparent. This book is refreshing and powerful in an unassuming way. Before I knew it, I was transported back in time, and nuggets of truth in my life found clarity. And I’m the better for it. Relax, enjoy, and hopefully; you’ll take your mask off too."  Carol Green - Goodreads Review

"This is truly a very inspiring and uplifting book for me. I loved how the author Diana described or shared the stories or events in the book. It was if I'm in the same place or scenario with her. Every one can definitely relate to her stories and it's so inspiring to read on how God has made a big impact in her life." Sheila Jordan - Goodreads Review

"Ripples was an absolute JOY and breath of fresh air to read. I was hooked after reading the first page. The author did a wonderful job of being transparent and vulnerable about life lessons she has learned. It was lovely that she provided space within the book for the reader to respond and reflect on life. As a mommy of 3, business owner and wife this book was a delight to read!! It really has helped push me closer to doing the things God has put on my heart to do." Jasmine Lowery - Goodreads Review

"I found this book to be both inspirational and encouraging. This story-meets-journal came at the perfect time as I was seeking ways to live more intentionally for the Lord. Diana’s transparency and testimony reminded me that the busyness of life and things of this world are often a distraction at best. We need to lay our worries down, let go and Trust God."

Kim Moore - Goodreads Review

I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up this book. It was witty, and funny but had lots of great insight and teachable take aways. It's a quick book to read that has you thinking about your own life and experiences. Shanna Kabatznick - Author, Master the Art of Connecting: 30 Tips to Authentic Conversation

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Diana’s new book. She is an excellent writer and I could see myself dipping my toes in the lake as she did as a child. She pulls you in as each chapter tells you a story of her life. In her introduction one sentence in particular hit close to home. “Change leads to something good when you have a receptive heart.” I highly recommend this book." Sarah Norkus, Author, Broken Together, The Wildflower Gazebo, The Secret Diary of Sarah Chamberlain

"Thoughtful and transparent. Diana shares from the heart even when faced with challenges that didn't always end as she had hoped or expected. Her reflections will give you pause to view your own experiences with a learning point of view. Well written. Good read. Prayers will bring you closer to God in a conversational relationship." Diane Merryman - Goodreads  Review

"Ripples is easy to read and very inspiring! The stories are relatable and make you reflect on your own life. The personal stories make you feel like you are not alone. I love how the chapters are followed by prayers making it easy for the reader to ask God to work in his/her own life. A must read for everyone!" Heather Peterson - Goodreads Review

"What a wonderful devotional! Through Diana's short stories, I was transported to events in her life that were challenging and sometimes humorous. Her reflections made me think of my own experiences and how I reacted to them. There is a nice journal section at the end of each story for personal thoughts. Well written. Good read. Her prayers will bring you closer to God in a conversational relationship." Debbie Harris - Goodreads Review

"Ripples, by Diana LeGere, is definitely not your every day memoir. It takes guts to look yourself square in the eye and call it the way you see it. And to say she has a way with words would be an understatement. I loved the book. I found her humorous approach to her own failings and faux pas delightful, refreshing, and relatable. I love how the author took selected incidences from her life experience and shared her "take-away" in ways we can all relate to, and the stand-alone chapters make the book so easy to read and even re-read." Jocelyn E. Anderson - Book Crash Review

"There were three sections that spoke to me on a spiritual level: “Be authentic,” “There is nothing God would put into your heart He would not bring to pass,” and “What we have is today.” For someone who has been yearning for self-reflection and self-discovery, LeGere’s words and lessons were inspirational. I am in a period of transition, but I need to be true to myself as I relinquish control and let God guide me. With that being said, I need to seize new opportunities as my heart leads me by God’s direction. I gained a greater connection with myself and with God through working my way through LeGere’s memoir, and I believe that anyone striving to better understand themselves and/or striving to better understand life’s journey will enjoy this book." Kayla E. Green - Book Crash Review


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