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Celebrations of Praise

New devotional offers ways to slow down and be grateful for each day


We all look forward with anticipation to the big occasions in life – holidays, birthdays, vacations, and parties. But often our most cherished memories are from much smaller moments. We may remember a shared cup of coffee, a belly laugh, or a hug years later. Those quieter moments deserve celebration too, and this  new devotional aims to inspire readers to seek them out and embrace them.

In Celebrations of Praise: 365 Ways to Fill Each Day with Meaningful Moments (Arabelle Publishing, July 2020), author Diana LéGere offers a different activity for each day of the year to help readers discover something new and make each day special.

Explains Diana, “This book is about celebrating your year ahead. You’re about to become more aware and learn to appreciate special moments and people that God gifts you with each day. Revel in each day with thanks as you unearth special moments worthy of praise.”

Celebrations of Praise is divided into four sections to reflect the four seasons of the year. Each season begins with a devotional and each month has its own theme. A list of activities for each day of the month follows, encouraging things like journaling, writing letters to friends, creating new recipes, learning something new, and more. The rest of the devotional is full of beautifully illustrated scripture, gratitude checks, and space for jotting down memories.

“Every day should be a celebration,” says Diana. “And it’s in the merriments of gratitude throughout the week that make a cherished life. In these moments, we realize that blessings flow from our Creator.”

Available for interviews, Diana can discuss the following themes from her book at length:

  • Celebrate the smaller moments in life as gifts from God

  • Gratitude teaches us that celebrating life is an art and an attitude of the heart

  • Revel in each day of the year ahead by engaging in prayer, meditation, and journaling

  • Embrace the idea of “Dolce far niente” to better appreciate each day

  • Taking a little time each day for gratitude can make a big difference in our attitudes

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